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We are very proud of all the hard work we put into our Main House at 1292 E Foothill Blvd and 123 Crandall Way. We have built so many valuable additions to the property over the years through alumni support and the work of active brothers. Most notably, in 2018, we completed extensive renovations that made the entire property ADA compliant. ADA compliance means redoing bathrooms, creating ramps, and extending pavers around the property. This investment allows current and future brothers with disabilities to live and thrive on the property. This project would not have been possible without the number of alumni who donated their money, resources, and importantly time.

In 2019, after a sum of $5,000 in donations by our generous active and alumni brothers, we decided to renovate our backyard. In one summer we completely transformed a huge portion of the property by removing an old fence, building a retaining wall and new fence, leveling and compacting the existing area, and installing new turf. The before and after results are pictured below. The ideas, designs, and manual labor on this project was powered completely by our own undergraduate brothers. Generous alumni donations are what allow us to pursue projects like this, which strengthen our brotherhood and form memories that will last a lifetime.

Though we are currently in search of our next Main House, we take pride in our time at 1292 E Foothill. It has served as a true home away from home for our current brothers, as it did for those who came before us. All current undergraduate brothers are fully committed to implementing this same feeling at our next home, and with help and guidance from our strong alumni brothers, we are fully confident in our ability to do so.

Our goals and objectives can’t be realized without the generous support of alumni brothers, so we thank you for making a gift and at any level.


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You can contribute through PayPal or by sending a check to the Spencer Wood Memorial Fund in care of Richard Wood.


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1234 Cortez Avenue
Burlingame, CA 94010

Richard Spencer Wood

June 15, 1984 – July 22, 2006

Spencer was in his final semester at Cal Poly when his life ended tragically from an accidental fall at his beloved Avila Beach. Spencer’s charismatic grin and hilarious wit attracted friends wherever he went. He had a way of making everyone he spent time with feel like they were his best friend. Spencer was High Beta his senior year and was a true leader in the fraternity.

May we remember Spencer as a dedicated brother, a true friend, and an exemplar of how to live life to the fullest. The Spencer Wood Scholarship has been extremely important to the brothers of Phi Sigma Zeta and is a very prestigious award to receive.

Spencer’s death marked the beginning of this very special scholarship honoring his life and also honoring the Phi-Sigma Zeta ALPHA CODE (Attached). Everything you read and see on this website rises from the incredible depth and meaning of this code. Simply put, this is a testament to living an honorable life. A few months after Spencer died the chapter held a memorial ceremony on campus where the university honored his family by posthumously awarding his diploma. His employer’s wife delivered the Spencer Eulogy (attached) that so eloquently described this remarkable young man. Back at the house Luke Montelone, then High Alpha, coined a phrase that said it all-“Spencer Wood Is A Lifestyle”. And that has now become the most revered scholarship awarded each year, The Lifestyle Scholarship.

This scholarship cannot be applied for, rather brothers anonymously nominate candidates with testimony supporting the character and actions of each individual. The criteria are for the brother that most exemplifies the Alpha Code, living a life serving the needs of others through daily actions without taking credit. The selection committee consists of Spencer’s family, brothers who knew him, past recipients and current house officers. The final decision is not reached until the hour before the annual memorial event each spring so that the element of surprise has significant meaning.

Funding of this scholarship comes from donations made on this site, from the original fundraising by the Wood family and by annual contributions from approximately twenty of Spencer’s brothers. We believe that while there is only one recipient each year, every brother shares in this award through it’s honor and meaning. We further believe that this is part of what makes this chapter so outstanding. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Spencer Wood Memorial Concerts

Spencer Wood Eulogy

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